Take a deep breath

I want you to enjoy your visit here.  The best way to do that is to give yourself permission to relax a bit, place your hand on your heart and ask it, "What do I need most right now?"


Sometimes we just need a place to go for someone to remind us who we are and why we are here.


Every day stresses of life such as our job, money, relationships, family and health can really take a toll on our body, mind and spirit.  What started off as a small problem can easily sap our energy, create anxiety, and make us feel like there is no way out.  A small part of us remembers that there is more to life than this, but we feel so buried that it is hard to see a way out.  We don't want to bother our family and friends because they have enough to deal with, or have heard us complain a million times.  So what do we do?

Loving what surrounds you comes from loving what's within.